The bibliographic database of the project Digitizing Ancient Epigraphic Heritage in Serbia contains bibliographic references about the ancient inscriptions in Serbia. The database contains bibliographic references for the inscriptions published in the volumes of the corpus Inscriptions de la Mésie Supérieure for Upper Moesia and bibliographies for the inscriptions from Serbian part of the Roman province of Dalmatia, namely Municipium Splonistarum and Municipium Malvensiatium.

The bibliographic database is compiled in Zotero, a free reference management software, and it is available online. It is divided into Epigraphic bibliography and Epigraphic documentation. The Epigraphic documentation is a collection of grouped, tagged bibliographies for individual inscriptions edited in the epigraphic database of the project. Database contains links to the cited articles and publications that are available online. Also, the records provide links to external databases that contain reference to the inscriptions, such as EDH, Pleiades, Trismegistos.

In addition to the bibliographies in Zotero, a spreadsheet with bibliographic references linked with the references in EDH, Trismegistos and Pleiades which is available here.